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When you contact our office Carolyn will take your contact details and offer the next available appointment in your area.

Know the the brand of your oven. We repair MOST brands of electric ovens and our van is packed full of spare parts for these ovens. If your oven is one of the few brands that we do not repair, Carolyn will put you in contact with another repairer who can help.

If your appliance is still under warranty it’s best to call the manufacturer first so they can register your claim and give authority for repairs to be completed. Carolyn can advise you who to call if your oven is still under warranty (this relates to ovens under 2 years old).

Think about your preferred timeslot. We usually book in a 3 hour window when you are home (like 12-3pm or 2pm-5pm). Or, if it suits you better, request a call or text 20mins before the technician arrives so you can meet him there.

We complete 90% of repairs on the first visit. Because we specialise only in ovens, we are able to keep the van well stocked with elements, thermostats, fans and other parts that can wear out. However, we are unable to stock every part for every brand of oven. If a spare part needs to be ordered in for your oven we will let you know the ETA (this is usually 3-5 working days).